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GPS public land boundary maps
Praire Dog Hunting Guide Montana

Prairie Dog Hunting Maps & Trip Planning Packages

I've scouted out some of the best prairie dog hunting locations across the Midwest and mapped the towns out in Google Earth and GPS. Buy a mapping package and your trip is planned! Bring your 24x36 folding satellite image map along on your trip and you'll have a bird's eye view of all the prairie dog towns. Or load the prairie dog town locations onto your laptop or GPS, bring it along, and you'll have a rotation of thousands of acres of towns to shoot and not enough time to shoot them all.
If you don't feel like dealing with planning a trip and trying to find the best prairie dog towns, see our Montana Guided Prairie Dog Hunts.

Get FREE maps at my Prairie Dog Towns Mapping Project

24x36 Waterproof Aerial Photo Map

For those of you who are not as tech-savy and prefer hard copy maps instead of GPS and Google Earth data, I can make waterproof, folding, satellite image maps with prairie dog town markers on the image. These are great for navigating private or public ranch land because you can typically see backcountry roads on the satellite image. Purchase Now for $98

Trip Planning Information

  • Don't know where to go to find great shooting? We'll listen and find the right area for you.
  • The maps show each Prairie Dog Town Location in your chosen area.
  • The maps will help you navigate to hidden towns during your trip.
  • Land Owner Names and property boundaries on the map are perfect for getting permission before your trip - *Montana Packages
  • GPS waypoints of each dog town in your hunting area are perfect for navigating to each town using a handheld GPS or automotive GPS.

Here is an Example of a Prairie Dog Towns File in Google Maps

View Larger Map

Example Map of Prairie Dog Towns and Land Ownership

Prairie Dog Town Map

A Closer View of Prairie Dog Towns in Google Earth (Below)

Prairie Dog Hunting Locations

24x36 Waterproof Satellite Image Map w/ Dog Town Markers

Prairie Dog Town Hunting Map

Closer View of the Hard Copy Map (red markers)

Prairie Dog Town Hunting Map Close


Map Packages are available for Montana, North Dakota, Wyoming, South Dakota, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, & New Mexico. Information about what is included with each package can be found below. Also check out the example packages to try the maps with your GPS and Google Earth.

More Information about the Packages

Map packages will consist of a CD containing .kml files to be loaded in to Google Earth and .gpx files to be loaded onto your Garmin or Magellan GPS device. The CD will be mailed along with any hard copy maps that are ordered (see Map Packages below). CD files will be emailed upon purchase if requested. What you are paying for is the service provided to you for compiling the location data in a user-friendly format.
With the map packages, I recommend areas that have a good chunk of land that you have guaranteed access to (public lands). Then I show you where the private land dog towns are so you have the option of asking permission to hunt private land dog towns. It is good to have a backup area in case the public land prairie dogs have been hunted a lot and are getting smart.
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Just like other hunted animals, prairie dogs learn to associate hunters with danger. Many public and private land dog towns have been shot at a lot, which means dogs that go down into their burrows when they hear shooting.
If you are really wanting some of the best shooting of your life, you can use the maps to find towns located off the beaten path. Most shooters won't go to the towns that don't have roads going through them. This is your chance to make an easy hike across a creek or over a hill to find the dumb prairie dogs.

Map Packages

Map Package 1 - $89
  • A suggested area to hunt near the town you have expressed interest in hunting near
  • up to 60 prairie dog towns mapped on Google Earth
  • GPS coordinates of prairie dog towns on private and public land in your hunting area for use with Garmin or Magellan GPS devices
You can open the map file in Google Earth and Google Maps on your PC to print maps for your trip:
  • Google Earth Satellite Images with dog town locations and visible roads
  • Google Maps Road view or Terrain view with dog town locations
Use these maps to help navigate during your trip and find hidden dog towns.

Try an example of Map Package 1

Hunting Location (city, state)

Map Package 2 - $149

In addition to items included in map package 1, you will receive Hard Copies of the following maps:

One 24x36 waterproof, folding, satellite image map with town locations marked (as shown above on this web page). Covers 100 square miles.

See an example of Map Package 2

Enter Hunting Location (city, state)

Map Package 3 - $189

In addition to items included in map packages 1&2:
  • License requirements for the state
  • how to obtain the required licenses
  • tribal land hunting licenses and restrictions information (if applicable)
Enter Hunting Location (city, state)

Map Package Additional Information(optional)- $20

Add this to any map package for $20:
  • Public Land Boundaries on Google Earth and files for your GPS (up to 3 of the largest public land area boundaries that have the most dog towns)

Montana Map Package 1 - $149

The same items as Map Package 1 with the following information added:
  • Private and Public Property Ownership Boundaries divided by section
  • Landowner Name included in a pop-up window when any property is selected.
Try an example of Montana Map Package 1

Enter Hunting Location (nearby city)

Montana Map Package 2 - $199

The same items as Montana Map Package 1 plus the hard copy maps as described in Map Package 2.

See an example of Montana Map Package 2

Enter Hunting Location (nearby city)

Montana Map Package 3 - $249

In addition to Montana Map Packages 1&2:
  • List of landowner contact information for all properties containing marked dog towns
  • Landowner headquarters waypoints for your GPS to ask for permission in person.
Enter Hunting Location (nearby city)

24x36 Waterproof Satellite Image Map - $98

This hard copy map will show markers on up to 30 prairie dog towns near the area you want to hunt. The map will show 100 square miles or more of land containing prairie dogs. The satellite image will also reveal roads, geographic features, and locations of ranch buildings.
View the example map above

Enter Hunting Location (nearby city)

More Details & Information

A limited number of maps will be given out. No maps will be given out for the same area for hunts taking place during the same dates in the same year.

Map Packages will be mailed within 3 business days. Please allow 5-10 days for map package delivery. Shipping is free through USPS.

Get a couple buddies together and split the cost of the map package for a very affordable prairie dog hunt.

Customer Reviews

"Eric, Wanted to let you know the files you sent were very helpful in locating places to shoot. I could have got by with just the way points, but the ownership map was probably a deal clincher in one (our best) location . . . Thanks!"

-Randy Bogle

"Eric I spent 4 days in Broadus, and 3 of them were great. The 4th day was a little tense (due to a flat tire) . . . Thanks for your help in making this trip a success."

-Chuck Moltz

"Eric, I used the maps to get info from Google Earth & called several ranchers to set up shooting on their land. All said "OK", and the info you provided was a great help. I had some great shooting & good luck with the weather. I showed your maps to a couple of PD shooters & they were mightily impressed. I never used the maps w/ a GPS. Put me down as a satisfied customer. Have you considered advertising in Varmint Hunter Mag? Thanks! Bill W"

-Bill White