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GPS public land boundary maps

Screenshot of an Elk Migration Routes Map in Google Earth

What you get when you download a map from KMLers

You will receive a kml or kmz (zipped) file that depicts the Migration Routes of a specific species of animal. What you are paying for is the service provided to you for compiling the government data in a user-friendly format. The map is 3-dimensional so you can scout out exactly which pass the species moves through to their wintering range. The different colors represent different herds units as defined by the State Game and Fish Department. The kmz file can be opened in Google Earth (or Virtual Earth - currently there are some limitations on file size, etc.).

Wyoming Elk Migration for Hunting Unit 40

100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

Maps Available Now! * Pay using PayPal or Google Checkout (or simply pay with your credit card at PayPal - no Login info needed). You will be emailed a link to download the map automatically after the purchase is completed.


Wyoming Elk Migration Routes Map - $7.50

Wyoming Mule Deer Migration Routes Map - $7.50

Wyoming Antelope Migration Routes Map - $4.99


Colorado Elk Migration Routes Map - $7.50

Colorado Mule Deer Migration Routes Map - $7.50

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