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Guided Coyote/Prairie Dog Hunts in Montana

Let me call coyotes in for you! My name is Eric and I will be your guide on this exciting varmint hunt. I have had fun shooting varmints for over 13 years in Eastern Montana, and I want to share this experience with you. I have access to hundreds of thousands of acres of public and private land filled with coyotes & prairie dog towns (80% private, 5 big ranches averaging 50 sections each = 250 sections, 250 * 640 acres/section = 160,000 acres, and that's just the beginning! The point is, my service is unique because we can hunt for seven days and never have to hunt the same area twice!) So drive or fly to Miles City, MT, then don't worry about anything but shooting straight.

Guaranteed Chance at a coyote or half your money back *for 2 day or more hunts with coyote focus

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Fully Guided

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  • I will pick you up in a 4x4 vehicle
  • Drive you to the hunting areas
  • Drive you through the rough landscape
  • Spot hard to see animals
  • Video calling setups and kill shots
  • Video long range shots through a Leica Spotting Scope
  • Edit Video Footage and send it to you for free

What's included in the Price

Gas, snacks and beverages throughout the day, wear and tear and damage to hunting vehicle.

You provide lodging or camping, ammunition, breakfast and dinner meals.

No license necessary and no bag limits.

Coyote Pictures and Landscape Photos

About the Hunt

Over the past few years rabbit numbers have soared in Eastern Montana, and coyote numbers have followed because of the availability of this food source. The calling on some of these private ranches is some of the best, because there is little hunting pressure.

Early mornings and late evenings are the best times to catch the coyotes out roaming around. By simply driving around the prairie dog towns and creek bottoms during these hours, you will have chances at coyotes. Typical calling setups require driving to specific creek bottom overlooks or other high potential area, staying concealed, and walking a few hundred yards to the calling setup location. This has been effective in the past, but I have found that doing a 2 to 3 mile slow, concealed walk down a ridgeline between creek drainages can offer some of the best setups that yield multiple chances at coyotes. We will try to call coyotes as far from the vehicle as possible, depending on hunter ability.

A typical setup consists of me pointing out an area that allows good visibility and concealment for a shooter to set up at. Depending on the number of hunters in the group, shooters will be spread out at various locations surrounding the caller depending on the wind direction and expected coyote approach route. The caller will call on intervals for 10-20 minutes. Most action will likely occur within the first 5 minutes. If nothing comes to the calls, we'll move to another area and try again.

Shooters must remain very still and make very slow motions when looking around or preparing to shoot.

Bowhunters welcome! - Calling Setups can allow for shots within bow range.

Hollow points are recommended for prairie dog hunting.

Lodging and Meals

Miles City Airport pickup is free of charge. Possible Cheaper flights into Billings - 142 miles from Miles City.

Hunts will be based out of 12 mile campground or any Miles City Campground (see campground map below)

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OR based out of a Miles City Motel/Hotel of your choice (see motel map below)

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Snacks will be provided throughout the day. Hunters are responsible for their own meals and lodging (or camp setup). Bring your own lunch if snacks won't cut it.


# of hunters Cost/day
1 $150
2 or 3 $200/group
4 or more $250/group
* I'll beat any competitor's rates. Group price of 4 or more hunters is negotiable. I need to be booked solid, so fill-in-dates (mid-weekdays, check the calendar below) prices are negotiable.

40% of trip fee is due upon booking. Use PayPal for buyer protection when booking or send check or money order. Simply email me your dates and I will send you a bill through PayPal or give you a mailing address.

Dates, Contract, Policies, or More Info

Check for available dates in the calendar below then email me at

Email Me to get a copy of our Hunt Contract, Refund Policy, and Replacement Hunt Policy in case of unforeseen problems (weather, illness, etc.).

Montana Guide #12481 - First Aid and CPR certified - *Safety is always first*

Past clients are my best salespeople. Ask about my references.

What to Bring - Suggestions

  • Gear
    • Rifles
    • Ammunition, hollow points (at least 250 rounds/day)
    • Bipods (preferred, can borrow mine)
    • .22 rifle for pdogs when ammo gets too expensive
    • Lightweight day pack
    • Dufflebag for shells
    • Ear Protection (electronic ear muffs)
    • Binoculars
    • Camera
    • Range Finder (optional)
    • Spotting Scope (optional)
    • water bottles
    • Your Shooting Bench and Shooting Rests (optional)
    • Cooler with food of your choice (optional)
    • Soft gun case and hard case if you have one
  • Clothing
    • Brimmed Hat
    • Prairie Ghost Camoflauge (or similar for coyote hunting)
    • Snow Camoflauge (March/April coyote hunts - optional but recommended)
    • Camo Face Mask (coyote hunting)
    • Gloves that you can shoot with
    • Stocking cap
    • Blue jeans, canvas or Carhartt pants
    • Wool or flannel shirt
    • Sweaters
    • Layer your clothing - days start out cool then warm up
    • Underwear, socks (wool / smartwool)
    • Leather boots
    • Cold weather boots
    • Leather gloves, cold weather gloves
    • Rain coat and pants
    • Cold weather coat
  • Recommended Personal Items
    • Sunscreen
    • Medicine (aspirin, prescriptions)
    • Chapstick
    • Tweezers
    • Grab your favorite snacks and sandwiches at the grocery store.
    • Alcohol of choice for after the hunt
    • Toilet Paper (some in day pack)
    • Sunglasses
  • Your Camping Equipment (if camping)
    • Tent
    • sleeping bag appropriate for the season (20 degree synthetic)
    • all other desired equipment and food
Ask about specific weather conditions and equipment requirements according to your hunt dates.

Some Coyote Pictures and Terrain Photos

Coyote Kill in Prairie Dog Town Varmint Hunting Coyote Pic eastern montana scenery landscape Coyote Hunting Montana