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GPS public land boundary maps

Land Boundary Mapping for GPS and Google Earth

NEW! Land Ownership Topo Maps for your Garmin GPS click this link for more details

Public Land Google Earth Overlay 2D
Screen Shot of a Transparent Boundary Overlaid on the Satellite Images in Google Earth.
Colored according to BLM map standards [BLM, State , Forest Service , etc]

Many Uses

  • Verify boundaries while hunting.
  • Use public and private land ownership overlay maps in Google Earth or Virtual Earth to help find public land, hunting areas, or recreation access.
  • Use the maps to find new ways in to your favorite spots.
  • View boundaries in 3D

  • Public Land Google Earth Overlay 3D
  • Zoom in to view roads in the area

  • Public Property Roads in google Earth
Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

"Awesome service and a pleasure to work with. I will be returning."

-Mike Briggs of Horseshoe Bend, ID

"I am very happy with the product, it seems be accurate and consistent with paper maps I already have. I have only had it a few days but have already found new areas and/or clarified boundaries. I use it to find fringe areas near private land to hunt for elk mostly, but some mule deer and turkey spots as well."

-Jesse Young of Norwood, CO

"A few years ago I had spotted some elk on what I thought was possibly state land, but the boundaries weren't very well defined and I couldn't determine the actual boundaries by the paper maps. I went to the neighboring ranch owner to have him describe the boundaries between private and public for me. Armed with that information I went after the elk. On 4 different occasions I found the elk to be about 200 yards on the wrong side of the fence on what was described to me by the ranch foreman as private land. After reviewing the paper maps again I was left with many questions about the actual boundaries. Then I heard about Eric and and had him send me an overlay for Google Earth that showed the property boundaries. The sad part is, once I used the satellite imagery to determine exactly where the boundaries are, I discovered that those elk were actually on public land each time I had passed on the shots I had. The good part is now I know exactly where I can hunt and I am going back this fall."

"The elk were in a cultivated field which, to me, meant private ownership. Kmlers satellite image map showed that field was state land, so I contacted DNRC and they indicated that they had paid to have a rancher seed crested wheat in that area. So even though it looked like private land, KMLERS proved that it was public land. When I see those elk in that field next year, I will know it is legal to shoot and one of them will very likely wind up on my wall."

-Darrel Wise of Western Montana